Monday, May 26, 2014

Ken Fisher "The Ten Roads to Riches"

I gobbled the book in two days. It's not a bad book though 9 out of 10 roads are aimed at young people. It would be a great book to give to 15-25 year olds (or around that range).

Ken is annoying in some places due to his hatred of government, taxes, politicians - fully "Forbes"ian attitude - which is also why I don't read "Forbes". Apart from that it's a nice light read with some great suggestions and advice for the roads mentioned. As I said couple thumbs up for young adults. :)

There is smattering of useful info in first 9 roads for non-youngsters, but not much to be worthwhile the time.

Road/Chapter 10 is "The Road More Traveled" and is a nice 24 page summary of the "get a good job, be frugal, save and invest smartly" road. Not much new there, but he manages to pack tons of stuff - well, the whole life - into 20 pages. It's a good concise reminder material for people who travel that road, which should be pretty much everyone. It's not revolutionary: pick good job area, progress with job, be frugal, calculate what you need to save, save, invest in stocks-index funds, done. Well, I packed it into sentence, but he gives a bit more info. :)

So overall: For young adults: two thumbs up; For older readers: read first nine chapters for gossip and fun mostly, read chapter 10 to remind of the road we should be traveling and maybe get one-two insights on it.

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