Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Portfolio overview - August 2014

My top (>2%) positions in no particular order: MGDDY, JPM, MHNC, GLW, DRAGF, BKLN, LMCA, CF, BRKB, WDC, SPND, MKL.

Fixed income: ~16%
Cash: ~17%

New positions: WLP, BBBY, BUD
Positions increased:
Positions reduced: GLW, JOY, MSFT
Positions eliminated: GFN
Flip-flop: WTW

Continuation of rather boring months.

I bought some WTW and then sold it later after more analysis. My thinking about it hasn't changed really.

I bought small positions in BUD (not cheap), WLP (somewhat cheap) and BBBY (somewhat cheap).

I sold some GLW, JOY and MSFT. Not sure if I should have. None of them are hugely overpriced.

Sold GFN position. I decided that I do not have a clear picture on company's future. It might continue to prosper, but currently I am not sure about it.

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