Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Portfolio overview - February 2017

My top (>2%) positions in no particular order: BRKB, FRFHF, Fannie/Freddie prefs, JPM, LSXMA, EXXRF, DISCK, NOV, ISTB, TESB.BE, MKL, AAPL

Fixed income: 5%
Cash: 15%
Sectors (kinda): Insurance(FRFHF, BRK, MKL): 23%, Malone/media: 15%, Banks/financials: 8%, Oil: 4%, Tech: 4%, Various owner-operators (not included in other categories): 16%

New positions: SFTBY, PCLN
Positions increased: BRKB, LILA, Nanocap I, ODET.FR, LSXMA
Positions reduced: SPND, Nanocap B, FRFHF, Fannie/Freddie prefs
Positions eliminated:

A bit more activity this month.
Sold some Fannie/Freddie prefs after disappointing court decision and no news on political solution.
Sold some FRFHF after disappointing though somewhat expected 2016 results.
Continued to reduce SPND a bit.

Added a bit more BRKB though it is no longer very cheap.
Added LILA and LSXMA.
Added some ODET.FR

Rebought exploratory position in SFTBY. Bought exploratory position in PCLN (stock is not cheap).

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