Saturday, September 15, 2018

Portfolio overview - August 2018

My top (>2%) positions in no particular order: BRKB, FRFHF, LSXMA, ISTB, JPM, EXXRF, DISCK, FB, BRS bond, MKL, AAPL

Fixed income: 9%
Cash: 6%

Sectors (kinda): Insurance(FRFHF, BRK, MKL): 23%, Malone/media: 16%, Banks/financials: 9%, Cars: 1%, Oil: 2%, Medical/pharma: 1%, Tech: 14%, Various owner-operators (not included in other categories): 12%

New positions: NLSN, SHOP
Positions increased: NPSNY, FB, IBKR
Positions reduced: Nanocap P
Positions eliminated: BYDDF


Sold BYDDF position. Not comfortable with Arsenal scandal and LA electric bus story. I am not sure the company is as well managed and upstanding as Buffett and Munger claim.

Bought new position in NLSN based on valuation and activist involvement.
Bought tracking position in SHOP.

Added to NPSNY, FB at lower prices. Added a bit to IBKR position.

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