Monday, November 18, 2019

Portfolio overview - October 2019

My top (>2%) positions in no particular order: BRKB, FB, JPM, LSXMA, EXXRF, AAPL, DISCK, FRFHF, GOOG, MKL,
In: GOOG - added

Fixed income: 2%
Cash: 12%

Sectors (kinda): Insurance (FRFHF, BRK, MKL): 19%, Malone/media: 9%, Banks/financials: 13%, Cars: 0%, Oil: 0%, Medical/pharma: 2%, Tech: 25%, Various owner-operators (not included in other categories): 7%

New positions: ACHN, ANGI, MAR
Positions increased: GOOG, REGN, OTCM, CHEK, V, EXPE
Positions reduced:
Positions eliminated: IBKR

Sold remainder of IBKR position.

Bought new position in ACHN - merger arbitrage. Bought position in ANGI. Bought initial tracking position in MAR.

Added to GOOG, REGN, OTCM, V, EXPE. Added very tiny bit to tiny and indefensibly speculative position in CHEK.

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